5 Things You Didn’t Know about Taylor Swift

January 02, 2018

1. She Can Play 4 Instruments
While most people know that Taylor plays the guitar and piano, not many are aware that she can play a total of four instruments. She first learned to play guitar, then she learned to play piano, and from there moved on to learn how to play banjo and ukulele too.

Strangely enough, a computer repairman showed Taylor at the age of ten how to play three chords on the guitar, and from then on Taylor could not stop playing. Impressively, she learned how to play a 12-string guitar, to prove to herself and everyone else that she could do it.

2. Her First Song Was Written at the Age of 12
‘Lucky You’ was written by time time Taylor was 12 years old. The song is speculated to be inspired by her maternal grandmother, Marjorie. After Swift wrote her first song, she continued to write more songs.

3. She Writes All Her Songs
People can’t believe that she writes all her songs, but it’s true! Taylor is credited as a writer on every single song that she has ever released. On more than half of the songs she is the sole writer. It’s amazing how learning to play three chords on a guitar lead to writing that one first song – and the rest is history.

4. Named after James Taylor
Taylor’s mom wanted to give her an androgynous name, hoping that the gender-neutral name would give her a leg up in the business world. She was named after the famous singer-songwriter James Taylor, and they have performed together before.

5. Her First Job Was Debugging Christmas Trees
Taylor actually grew up on a Christmas tree farm, and when Christmas season rolled around her job was to debug the trees. Yes, her pre-fame job was to remove bugs from Christmas trees.