Egypt: New Dinosaur Fossil Found

February 07, 2018

The skeleton of a new species of dinosaur has been unearthed in Egypt’s Western Desert.

Researchers from Mansoura University announced their discovery late last month, and described the fossil as a long-necked herbivore the size of a city bus.

This is the only dinosaur from the late Mesozoic period to have been discovered in Africa.

The leader of the excavation team, Hesham Sallam, has speculated that there are more dinosaurs to be found in this region.

He said: “As in any ecosystem, if we went to the jungle we’ll find a lion and a giraffe. So we found the giraffe, where’s the lion?”

Experts say the find is a landmark one that could help illuminate a particularly obscure period of African history, 30 million years before dinosaurs went extinct – between 70 million and 80 million years ago.

The new species has been named “Mansourasaurus Shahinae” after the team’s university and for one of the paleontology department’s founders.

The fossil appears to disprove previous theories that Africa’s dinosaurs during the late Mesozoic period developed separately from those in Europe.

Image: Hesham Sallam holds the left dentary of the dinosaur [online image] (2018) sourced on 7 February 2018 from!/cpImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/original_620/egypt-dinosaur.jpg